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April 4, 2020
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Lemons are in abundance supply right now, look out for brands now including Abbotsleigh and Parise available at Arize Fruit Supply. Always a favourite in store particularly a good quality shop lemon gleaming with the brilliance of bright yellow.

Nutritional benefits of lemons and citrus in general have been well documented.

In 2019 a ppulation study showed that long term regular consumption of foods that contain flavonoids might help to protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. Citrus are high in antioxidents and Vitamin C and are believed to help strengthen our immune system.

Fun Facts you may not be aware of:

Not only used for consumption and cleaning, scientists attached electrodes to a lemon using it as a battery. Several lemon batteries can power a small digital watch. Go figure!!!

A chap by the name of James Lind held experiments using lemon juice, adding it to a seaman’s diet who suffered from scurvy back in 1747. the British Navy still require ships to carry lemons today.

Combining lemon juice with baking soda is said to help whiten your teeth!! Pretty Cool!!

While the seeds are used for planting, the entire lemon can be used including the leaves for tea.

Lastly unlike most fruit, lemons do no ripen or improve in quality after picking so are picked when ripe and best stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Consumer lemons any way you can this season more than ever with the presence of COVID19.

Thank you Glen from Arize Fruits for allowing photos for Fresh by Fresh.

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